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On one computer, every time I go to


I get redirected to


My homepage is set to
http://www.google.com/ I'd like it to go there.

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Can't you just choose "Classic Home" in the settings for google.com? (Found on the top right of google.com both versions). Maybe I'm misinterpreting your problem.

enter image description here

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ah I see, thanks for the screenshot. I guess maybe I didn't realise the username and the gear bring down different menus, and the down arrow that appears when logged in, is part of the username one. I had to click the gear itself. That screenshot helped.. it gets a bit sickening with all tese new menus and rubbish.. –  barlop Sep 25 '11 at 4:26

Go to the "wrench" icon Choose settings In the startup section click on the pages to open section and delete the google.com/ig entry replace it with plain google.com

Chrome treats startup pages and home pages as different things. No idea why they thought this was a good idea.

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