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My four year old thinkpad x61 has just started shutting down spontaneously. I have no idea why, I know it's not thermal related because it's not too hot when it shutsdown and I installed lm-sensors and I can measure how hot it gets.

I recently switched to Fedora 15 (from Ubuntu) about 2 months ago, but this started happening about 10 days ago.

I've looked through /var/log/messages and haven't found anything interesting. Does anyone have any ideas?

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It could possibly be your Thinkpad's motherboard battery (CMOS battery), given the age of the computer. I do not think this is at all related to your migration to Ubuntu Linux from Fedora 15.

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that seems pretty right on. I definately wouldn't have thought of that. – devin Sep 25 '11 at 2:42

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