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I am running XAMPP 1.7.4. I've installed the FileZilla FTP server and I'm running it as a service. I created a user and when I connect as that user with the FileZilla client, I have no trouble connecting.

However, in Dreamweaver CS5 when I create a site using the Manage Sites dialog and go to configure its FTP settings, I get a message that reads

An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host.

and goes on to list some possible causes and solutions.

I have tried setting the connection as passive to no avail.

I understand that it is not necessary to use FTP when I am editing the site locally, but it is for a Dreamweaver class I am teaching and I want my students to learn to use Dreamweaver's FTP tools.

How can I make my localhost FTP connection work in Dreamweaver?

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If this is on a Windows machine, have you checked the firewall settings to see if they allow inbound connections to FTP?

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