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There has been a bug discovered

It was acknowledged by Intel and recalls have been ordered.

However, since it was reported to only occur on buses beyond 0 and 1 I do not know if my hard disk which is the sole one on a laptop can be affected (it also has only one more dvd drive).

Does anyone know the exact symptoms of the problem, if it manifests itself?

I currently get some "thrashing-like" effects on the disk but until now I considered them a fault of the disk itself (the RAM is plentiful).

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It's in that article you linked. "Intel says you’d see an increase in bit error rates on a SATA link over time. Transfers will retry if there is an error but eventually, if the error rate is high enough, you’ll see reduced performance as the controller spends more time retrying than it does sending actual data. Ultimately you could see a full disconnect - your SATA drive(s) would not longer be visible at POST or you’d see a drive letter disappear in Windows.". You also may want to contact your notebook manufacturer for their take on it, and you risks. – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Sep 25 '11 at 22:43