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Possible Duplicate:
Backup software for Mac OS X

I just installed OS X. I'd like to make a full backup to restore my OS later.

In Windows, I used Windows Backup to do this. What can I use in Mac OS X?

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@Gareth // why not? it is still Mac OS – user45326 Sep 26 '11 at 3:01
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Buy an external hard drive larger than your internal hard drive with the OS and files. Use Time Machine, the built-in backup solution from Apple.

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I do this all the time using superduper. You can clone to any hardrive or partition that is HSF+ formatted and large enough. You can then boot off the copy if the original fails. For a Hackintosh you also need to intall your boot software (I use chameleon) to the hardrive if you want to be able to boot from it.

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