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I would like to use encfs to create an encrypted folder but i do not want to automatically mount it when the user logs in. I'd like to type the password eachtime. How do i configure it to do that?

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Use encfs normally.

encfs ~/.private ~/private

You only need special setup if you want automatic unlocking.

(By the way, kernel-mode eCryptFS usually offers better performance.)

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i could swear it automatically mounts on logins.... maybe i was using su from root. But i could swear su from root made it not to do that. I'll accept when i can double check this – acidzombie24 Sep 26 '11 at 4:07
Check your PAM config - it could be that your distro automatically installs pam_encfs - but even then, it wouldn't automagically know the mount location.n't automagically know the mount location. – grawity Sep 26 '11 at 4:46

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