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Possible Duplicate:
Throttle network bandwidth per application in Mac OS X

I need to test my application on slower internet connection. Is there anyway to limit the connection speed. I tried to use Firefox throttle, but it does not work on newer versions of firefox. I am using OSX. Is there any way to limit bandwidth of the browser (chrome/firefox) for sometime.

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You need to look at something to throttle your bandwidth. A search for "os x throttle bandwidth" turns up quite a few results but as I don't use Macs I cant comment on which is the best approach. – ChrisF Sep 26 '11 at 9:16

You can view more details in here - Simulate limited bandwidth from within Firefox? as it also mention about OSX:

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You can use Charles if you only need to throttle HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Throtteling is only one of the many usefull features of this Software.

If you need to throttle all IP traffic you can use ipfw. Here's a handy manual on how-to do this.

If you have Xcode installed (it's free from the Mac App store) you can use the "Network Link Conditioner". You can select from 11 built-in profiles for different network types such as 3G, Lossy Network, etc.

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