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Is there any way to achieve the opposite of what kde-open does in KDE? I mean, I want to be able to open files using emacs inside the terminal, instead of using the X version of emacs. I already run emacs as a daemon and run the client instances in konsole, but I also want to be able to open files from Dolphin or Thunderbird or any other app using the same konsole run instance of emacs.

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Run System Settings, search for MIME Types, find the types in the tree you want to be able to open with emacs. For each type, press the Add… button and select the emacs daemon. See the emacs wiki for the specific command-line incantation and the context-sensitive help for the meaning of the various % placeholders. Finally press OK to change the settings.

From then on, Open with emacs daemon will appear in the context menu of files. When you select this, the emacs daemon will be passed the name/location of the file, in turn emacs will open and load the file.

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