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Here's my spec.


  Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard 
  Model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC 
  Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM 
  System type 64-bit operating system 
  Number of processor cores 2 


  Total size of hard disk(s) 466 GB 
  Disk partition (C:) 123 GB Free (444 GB Total) 
  Disk partition (D:) 3 GB Free (21 GB Total) 
  Disk partition (E:) 90 MB Free (99 MB Total) 
  Media drive (F:) CD/DVD 
  Media drive (G:) CD 


  Display adapter type ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 
  Total available graphics memory 2202 MB 
        Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB 
        Dedicated system memory 0 MB 
        Shared system memory 1690 MB 
  Display adapter driver version 8.771.1.0 
  Primary monitor resolution 1366x768 
  DirectX version DirectX 10 


The laptop is placed on a plain table, but becomes extremely hot when I'm just running chrome. It gets as high as 80 degrees Celsius when I'm gaming. What's wrong? Anyway I can cool it down? And I use switchable graphics cards; an intel and an amd.

I have a feeling it was overclocked from the factory, because the graphics card which isn't that strong can run games like GTA IV at 25 FPS.

EDIT Added HWMonitor Image

enter image description here

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How old is it and has it always been like this? Can you hear fans kicking once it has warmed up? Can you try HWMonitor to tell us if you can get any more readings because I can't see the GPU temperature or fan speeds. – James Sep 26 '11 at 10:54
@James It's 10 Months old. Its been like this for as far I as know. A fan is always making noise. 1 fan. I've added the HWMonitor image. – Mob Sep 26 '11 at 11:02
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Most obvious reason: one or more fans is either not working or only partly working. Most obvious solution: warranty repair. I'd be very cautious about trying to work on it yourself because you risk voiding the warranty: call HP first.

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