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This can be done easily in Ubuntu, just right click and open Terminal. It is very inconvenient to open cmd.exe then cd to the folder.

So, how do I open a terminal quickly from a file explorer at a folder?

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@grwawity Not a duplicate: the linked question restrict to the the Context Menu, while this one is open to any other method. E.g. another solution is to type "cmd" to location bar. I'd like to add it as answer but cannot because this question is marked as duplicate… – Franck Dernoncourt Jul 14 '15 at 17:18
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Hold shift, right click the folder you want it opened on, and click "open command window here". That should do the trick!

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As I don't have access to any Win7 machine right now i'll give you 2 answers, one that I know that works in winXP and one that I found but don't know if it works in Win7.

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You can type cmd in Windows Explorer's location bar (which you can edit with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D ): it will open a terminal upon pressing ENTER .

Personally I use a voice command in Dragon NaturallySpeaking that takes care of it:

enter image description here


Sub Main
    SendKeys "%d"
    SendKeys "cmd"
    SendKeys "{ENTER}"
End Sub
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