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I just downloaded Virtualbox to satisfy my need to mess around with every linux distro I can find without butchering my computer. Can anyone recommend a couple distros with interfaces similar to the Ubuntu Netbook Remix? Ideally I'd like to use UNR, but VB can't seem to mount .img files. Also, can anyone recommend a good place to search for things like this that isn't Distrowatch?

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The Wikipedia page has a link to a list in "see also" section.
Look at Eeebuntu or Easy Peasy.

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I would look into JeOS (Just Enough Operating System), an Ubuntu server variant focused on getting just enough Ubuntu on a system to be functional that you can build up from.

As for keeping up with these things, there's a few places where Ubuntu announcements are made.

For other Linux distributions, there's a plethora of technical blogs and the like that often share the new cool thing, such as Ars and Lifehacker.

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How about the new version of the UNR karmic koala is available as an iso file. It's only in alpha but I'm using it on an aspire one and its*reasonably* reliable

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I was using Eeebuntu for a while. I liked it, although I preferred Ubbuntu Netbook remix. My only change was for the actual environment, as I prefer the standard display of the environment, instead of the Netbook-Like display. This is mostly because I use Ubuntu as my main desktop at home.

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