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I have very little data. I have copy and pasted the values only within the same Excel Workbook but still the size is 5MB! I tried selecting the entire sheets and deleting everything ( that I can not see! ) but the file size is still 5MB!

I saved the files as XML (2003 ) and see that there are a lot of empty style values are being repeated!

Is there a quick way to tell excel to remove everything that is not visible ( or not selected )?

The only thing that worked was to create a new Excel Workbook and copy paste the selected region as Values only. Is it alarming that things can be embedded in a file and passed from a person to person without anyone realizing there is something more in the file, or maybe I was just being paranoid?

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Paranoid :)

  1. There are plenty of free utilities that will quickly delete rows/columns beyond the true last used cell, the excess formatting is often the culprit (depending on how the formatting has been applied)

use the 'Sheets' 25 Remove unused empty columns/rows


  1. You can also use ASAP to delete unused styles

  2. Use JKP's Name Manger to delete broken range names,

  3. Bill Manville's findlink to find links (links can add size so if un-neccesary delete them ,

  4. File size sometimes is due to corruption, if so "rebirth" the file by right click all sheets, "Move or Copy", tick 'create a copy' and move to a new book

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