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What is the easiest way to create an acronyms list as a table that may be automatically generated, such as a table of contents? I'm assuming acronyms are 3 letters or greater.

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Are you after

  • a glossary: alphabetically sorted list of acronyms with respective explanations, or
  • an index: alphabetically sorted list of terms which may be acronyms or not, which also includes the page number where the term is introduced/explained?

You can create an index which can be then updated like ToC. To do so you need (assuming Word 2010):

  1. Mark items/terms which are to be included in the index:
    • highlight the term in text
    • move to the Reference tab of the ribbon
    • click Mark Entry in the index section
    • alter the entry if you need to (e.g. you highlighted Stack Exchange but you want the index entry to say Stack Exchange (SE) - you can do that in the Main entry text box)
    • do the above for all terms you want to include
  2. Insert the index where appropriate:
    • when ready click Insert index (Reference tab of the ribbon again) while being in the appropriate place in the document
    • you can later Update index after marking more terms

Hope this helps.

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