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Working from my command line on Mac OS X Snow Leopard in directory /Users/michael, I did the installation line recommended by the RVM site:

bash < <(curl -s

and got this error message which I don't understand...

bash: line 152: git: command not found
bash: line 154: git: command not found

ERROR: Unable to clone the RVM repository, attempted both git:// and https://

If I've never used GitHub before (at least not that I remember), do I have to do something else before running that install line?

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OS X does not ship with Git by default.

Three possibilities:

  1. Easy GUI method: Download and run Git OS X installer. It's not always the latest version of Git, but should work fine for most cases.

  2. OS X Lion only: Download Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store. It has Git integrated.

  3. Command-line method: This works on all OS X versions. Install Homebrew and then run brew install git. You need Xcode for that. If you're on Snow Leopard, register as an Apple Developer (it's free) and then install Xcode 3.

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