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I have to connect to client's network over VPN, and I was wondering if the client can intercept (and read) my Google Talk messages (or any other IM communication) while I'm VPN-ing.

My main concern is them having access to our internal conversations.

Suggest workarounds if you have any.

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That depends on how you route your internet connection. In most cases, you'll just route addresses from the client's network (typically in a subnet of

Type route in a console to see your routing table. The first default entry determines how your regular internet connection flows. For example, the following configuration does route over the VPN:         tun0 # default via tun0(=VPN) tun0 wlan0   wlan0         wlan0 # default via wlan0(local)

A simple alternative is checking whether your IP address changes when you connect to the VPN.

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