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I'm following a video tutorial where the author (who uses textmate) can open files by using "mate". for example mate .git/config will open this config file

I'm using textwrangler however so I don't have that option. I did try edit .README once when i tried to open the README file of an application, but it opened a blank README file in textwrangler instead of the file with the text in it

so any idea how I can open this .git/config file (or any other file) using textwrangler?

I'm using Mac snow leopard

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You can add this function to your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile:

wrang() { open "$@" -a TextWrangler; }

Otherwise, you can open it by directly typing:

open /path/to/file -a TextWrangler
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I did the following without success: wrang() { open "git/config" -a TextWrangler; } – Michael Sep 28 '11 at 3:37
o.k., thanks for explaining – Michael Sep 28 '11 at 5:08

If you put

open .git/config

it will be open in your default text editor for those kind of files.

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you need to install the command line tools. Go to TextWrangler menu and select Install Command Line Tools. you will need to enter your root or admin password.

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