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Is a way to unblock blocked (by JS) text selecting on some website ? I'm using Chrome. UPDATE: Blocking JS code is in page source (... blocking code here ...)

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Open the page source and copy it from there – slhck Sep 28 '11 at 10:43

I've found solution in Chrome -> my own extension.


document.oncopy= function(){
    return true;

document.ondragstart= function(){
    return true;

document.onselectstart= function(){
    return true;
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If you want to unblock it permanently, Right click > View source and copy the link to JavaScript file that's preventing the highlight. Add it to your adblock/blacklist extension, or even your hosts file (list of locations for each OS) like this. http://incriminating.file/url.js

This will prevent the JavaScript file from being downloaded when you reload the page after clearing your cache. Bare in mind that your experience with the site might be handicapped with this method.

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Blocking js is inside <body/>, not in separate file – marioosh Sep 28 '11 at 12:01

If your using Firefox, get the noscript addon.

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