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I'm interested in a home NAS solution that would look like this:

  • local NAS box for home backups
  • remote NAS box (at my parents) as an offsite copy
  • periodic rsync over the internet from "local" to "remote" for offsite copy

I see that QNAP and Synology run linux implementations.. so want to confirm that I can rsync between two NAS boxes.

I know I could build/run two linux boxes but am looking for low cost/low effort in getting it up and running.

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I would be surprised if the QNAP and Synology systems didn't support rsync. If you were to build your own NAS (which can be much cheaper than off the shelf boxes), then FreeNAS has support for rsync. – sblair Sep 28 '11 at 16:53
QNAP certainly does as we rsync to/from them at work, but just watch out (in general) for NASs based on low-power CPUs (such as the single core Atoms) with not a lot of RAM as rsync is quite processor/RAM intensive - backing up part of our QNAP (about 2TB) has rsync soak up around 10GB RAM as it caches the file structure on the target server (a quad core box with 16GB RAM). – Linker3000 Sep 28 '11 at 19:02

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