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When pasting text into a sticky, the original font/color/style of the source text is preserved. This can be really annoying over time. Other applications have a clear formatting shortcut key (Google uses cmd-\, openoffice cmd-m). What I'm looking for is:

  • shortcut key to remove formatting / revert to default
  • some sort of CLI prefs command that would force stickies to only use the default font
  • paste/copy as plain text clipboard control?
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Just remember to press Cmd-Opt-Shift-V (Paste and Match Style) when pasting and you won't need to reset it all the time.

If you still want to reset:

  1. Cmd-N to make a new temporary Sticky with default formatting,
  2. Cmd-Opt-C to copy formatting,
  3. Cmd-W to close Sticky
  4. Cmd-A to select all
  5. Cmd-Opt-V to apply (default) formatting (i.e. clear).

Alternatively press the following sequence to copy all content of a Sticky into a new one with default style:

  1. Cmd-A,
  2. Cmd-C,
  3. Cmd-N,
  4. Cmd-Opt-Shift-V

Using AppleScript and Automator you could create a Service that automates these keystroke sequences.

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Not sure how I missed that shortcut key but that works - thanks! Could they have made the modifier keys any more difficult to trigger? Need a coke bottle in there ;) –  Jonah Braun Sep 29 '11 at 16:42

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