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Now emails from a email-address gets into my junk e-mail folder. I would like to have it into my inbox instead.

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Assuming Outlook 2010, under the Home tab, in the Move group, there is a drop-down button called Rules. Click this button and select Create Rule.... Several options are available for rule creation, if you don't see the option you want, click on the Advanced Options button for even more options and fine grain tuning of rules.

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Assuming Outlook 2010, a simpler solution might be to right-click on the mail in question and choose one of:

  1. Junk Mail > Never Block Sender
  2. Junk Mail > Never Block Sender's Domain
  3. Junk Mail > Never Block this Group or Mailing List

or while the mail is still in the Junk Mail folder

  1. Junk Mail > Not Junk

It takes all of 5 seconds.

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