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I followed this guide from howtogeek:

I was successfully able to boot to windows 8, but now I can't boot to windows 7. I always get redirected to the screen that you see when you choose to repair Windows 7 from an install CD. The one with the choice like startup repair, command prompt, and system restore.

How do I revert back to the state where I can use Windows 7?

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The installation method uses an old ps-script for Windows 7 and it is not clear if it works 100% for Windows 8 Dev.Prev. as well.

What you can do is delete the existing entry for Windows 7 in the BCD and create a new one. This can be done easy with Visual BCD Editor. Download and install. Run it (eventually wait for .NET version to be downlaoded and installed on first run)

Select the entry for Windows 7 in tree view right-click and select "delete". After entry for Win7 has been deleted right-click again in tree view and select "Create missing Windows loaders". This will create a new Windows 7 loader (and loaders for other installed Windows versions - XP, Vista if present). Change wording of entry using F2.

Reboot - select the new menu entry which should boot Windows 7.

If there are still problems your Windows 7 is messed up and should be repaired using recovery. It is possible that automatic recovery does not fix all problems on first run - reboot and run it for not more than three times. If still errors - reinstallation of Windows 7 can be considered.

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