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The magnifier allows to invert colors of the entire Desktop. Does anyone know to invert the colors of just an application or a specific window?

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do you want to be able to move your mouse while inverting? :) –  naxa May 16 at 13:50
Of course. Why do you ask this question? –  Nicolas May 16 at 15:34
because it's possible to achieve the window inversion effect with it if you don't move the mouse. may still be useful in some situations since it's a live view. –  naxa May 16 at 16:15
Build a virtual machine per application and run them in unity. –  Enigma Jul 11 at 20:27

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From the WikiHow link above:

In Magnifier, click on the gray gear to open the "Preferences". Put a check in the box that says "Turn on color inversion." Then click "OK" to finish inverting your colors. The options for the Magnifier do not change if you leave the application, so you will only need to do this once.

I hope this helps.

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