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I need a program that returns info about a given window. Autohotkey has windowspy but it doesn't tell you much about which process it belongs to, etc. Any help is appreciated?


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Process Explorer has a tool in it that you point at a window and shows you it's details.


Depending on what information your after Procecss Explorer or Spy++ a tool included with Visual Studio


There's a tool that comes with (or came with) Visual Studio called Spy++ that does this. It gives you all the detailed low-level information it can find about the window, including window class, process, and thread info.


You can use the normal Task Manager from Windows. Open it, got to the Applications tab, right click on it and choose Go To Process. This will show you to what process the window belongs to.

+1 for the obscure feature I never knew was there... – RBerteig Sep 3 '09 at 1:58
I found out about it about a week ago from a work colleague. It's rather useful when you want to kill an app, but you don't know its process name. – alex Sep 3 '09 at 6:18

If you need a free alternative to MS Spy++, try Winspy++, Minispy or Winspector (These are mostly focused on windows and not processes)