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Is there a way to create my own input language in Windows 7? For example I switch from EN to, let's say for example RR, and then, when I press "A" on my keyboard, it inserts (Alt + 241) symbol, and so on. Is there a way to do this?

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You can do this with AutoHotKey. It is a small scripting language for windows that you can link with hotkeys. I use it myself to insert french accents using an US keyboard.
To do what you want the source code is simply:

a::send, ±

Save this to a file called keyboard.ahk for example and drag-n-drop it on AutoHotKey.exe to launch it. A system tray icon will appear with a white H over green. Right click it to close the program. After you can use the utility Ahk2Exe to package it as a stand-alone binary.

There is a UTF-8 compatible version called AutoHotKey_L if you need to insert really special characters.

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