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is there any way to change the HTTP-request while loading a page in Firefox by adding a plugins or setting a config? for example i want to change


to :


i want to set int once and it works until changing that I'm using Tamper Data but its not what i want.

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Do you want an encrypted connection to myRouter_of_youtube.com, and the an unencryptet connection from myRouter_of_youtube.com to youtube.com? Probably to leave someone in the local network unaware of your network actions? That would sound like a job for a proxy to me. You could either tunnel to an SSH-Server somewhere and use socks, or you use an HTTP proxy like squid.

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No, I have access to myRouter... directly and I dont want or need to use proxy server. just I want is to request myRouter... instead of youtube it self, and other request not changed. –  wtayyeb Sep 30 '11 at 13:14

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