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As you can see my Windows 7 dialog fonts are not anti-aliased, but other fonts are ok. How can I get the anti-aliased fonts back?

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Make sure both ClearType and smooth edges on fonts (anti-aliasing) are on. Microsoft makes this super confusing by putting the two settings if two very different and hard-to-find places. But Start Menu search rules the world and if you know what to search for...!

For ClearType go to the Start Menu and type "Adjust ClearType text": enable "Turn on ClearType". Or from Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Adjust ClearType text > enable "Turn on CrearType".

For smooth edges go to the Start Menu and type "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" or from Computer > System Properties > Windows Experience Index (link) > [shield] Adjust visual effects (left sidebar) > enable "Smooth edges of screen fonts" (4th from bottom).

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Maybe the font used in the dialog contains bitmap characters. This situation is the same for CJK fonts which often contains bitmap for small size characters, so no font anti-aliasing could be applied when rendering except for large size text.

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