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I try to connect two VMware (with WinXP) on/inside on host computer(with windows 7). The configurations are:

VM1: network adapter - host-only with ip address:
VM2: network adapter - host-only with ip address:

Host computer: Property of VMnet1

Virtual Network Editor; VMnet1 - hostonly, connect a host virtual adapter t this network, DHCP is deactivated.

Finally what i get is:

in VM1:

both ping and ping work,

in VM2:

only ping works, but ping not works

in Host computer

only ping works, but ping not works

What's the problem with VM2. Which configuration should i check?

BTW, the version of my VMware Workstation is 7.

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Since both the hosts and guests are to be on the same subnetwork, you should be using "bridged" networking configuration here and all devices will be able to communicate if they're using the same network and subnet mask.

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