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I have a Logitech G5. I have setpoint 6.30.41 with 5.30.67 driver installed on my windows 7 computer.

I want to use the side button (mouse4) to be a generic button. However, it acts like a back button in internet browsers and explorers. It's extremely annoying because I'm using this button for push to talk in teamspeak.

In the setpoint control panel, I have assigned generic button to the side button.

There are a couple of things I already tried: I uninstalled setpoint, restarted the computer then installed the latest setpoint. I reinstalled the microsoft intellitype in the similar fashion because i'm using a microsoft keyboard.

any help would be appreciated.

PS. I have looked the existing posts already. I think they are work-around. Non of them worked for me.

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SetPoint can sometimes use application-specific settings. Even if you've set a button to do one task in general, it might behave differently in certain applications (browsers, Microsoft Office). Open SetPoint and go here:

SetPoint Screenshot 1

and click on Configure to see this:

enter image description here

Try removing everything listed under 1. Select Application. It might help.

Another alternative is to install uberOptions, which'll give you more custom options for each and every mouse button. (Note: Follow the instructions on the website carefully when installing on Windows 7).

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