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I have a DVD reader/writer (about 2-3 years old) that used to read/write DVDs fine. Now when I put in a DVD it does nothing – and when I try to open it via My Computer it just freezes the window completely.

I also tried to boot of a DVD, but it just sits there, doing absolutely nothing. It's past warranty, so I dont mind opening it, but I would rather not have to buy another one.

However it seems to read/write CDs.

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Use Device Manager to "uninstall the DVD drive, then restart windows.

  1. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, then right click on your DVD drive and select "uninstall", close DM and restart.

  2. If that fails to get it working, try this fixit from Microsoft

If neither brings it back to life, it will need to be replaced.

enter image description here

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Neither worked. But I guess I will just have to replace it. – Mythrillic Oct 1 '11 at 6:25
Well maybe it just needs to be cleaned? This helped my MacBook (it couldn't read/write DVDs anymore). – slhck Oct 1 '11 at 7:19

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