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I want to set the number of a particular process that are running to a variable. The first line of the csh script below is the problem as it sets the variable "number" as ps aux | grep -c fiji instead of the output of ps aux | grep -c fiji which should be 1.


set number = 'ps aux | grep -c fiji'

if ( $number <= 1 ) then
(I run a command here)
echo $number
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You should use backtics (`), not single quotes ('). This script


set number = `ps aux | grep -c fiji`

echo $number

prints 1

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general remark: your command will always return 1 or more, including the process you run for the grep. So you need to take care of this after evaluation, or use something like pgrep.

And then - csh. Have a look at . And .

still want to use csh ;-) ?

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