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I'm studying at the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem & Nijmegen) in the Netherlands, where we have a wireless network that is secured with SecureW2 (IEEE 802.1x).

The SecureW2 client is not available for Linux, so I'm trying to get the config right myself. On the web I found that NetworkManager should be able to handle this, but it doesn't work for me. Trying both knetworkmanager and the network widget (I'm using Kubuntu 9.04 + KDE 4.3) I entered the settings:

  • Security: WPA-EAP
  • TTLS
  • My username and pass
  • Phase 2: PAP

But it does not work. If connecting trough the widget, nothing happens when I click. When using knetworkmanager, it tries to connect but goes on forever.

How can I get this to work? Are there any logs I can try?

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I had the same issue and I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.I used the default network manager in Unity. My settings are:

  • Security : WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication : Tunnelled TLS
  • Anonymous Identity : (I left this blank,but I think they have configured the network that way so it won't ask for this kind of Identity)
  • CA certificate : (I left this blank as well,but again this has to do with the configuration of the wireless network,so it might be different in other educational institutes)
  • Inner Authentication : PAP
  • Username : (the one given from your school)
  • Password : (the one given from your school)

After I press save on he configuration window, I get a warning window pop-up telling me that I haven't used any CA Certificates. I always press ignore.

I tested to my school's network and it works, without installing knetworkmanager.

The solution to my problem was given by jrg from askubuntu.

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From Please make a linux version of securew2

Both the KNetworkManager (KDE) frontend of wpa_supplicant as well as the NetworkManager frontend (Gnome) support EAP-TTLS. Gnome does it a little bit better than KDE, but KDE can also be made to work (see this post for more information). I'm using KNetworkManager with openSUSE 11.1 every day to connect to an WPA2-Enterprise network with EAP-TTLS authentication.

Also check the link in the quoted text.

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I have the same problem as Comment #10 in the "see this post" link – Bart van Heukelom Sep 2 '09 at 12:34
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I got this to work by ditching knetworkmanager. Nm-applet (GNOME's network manager icon) does this well, out of the box, and works fine in KDE. It's also much better in other ways.

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