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I'm trying to assign some of those extra keys that come with the keyboard to something useful. I know how to change their default behavior, and how to assign them to a shell script via the System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcut menu, but am not sure how what to enter in the 'command' part of a custom keyboard shortcut in order to get the normal "copy" behavior you get when using Ctrl+C.

Anyone know what I should enter in that 'command' text box to get the normal 'copy' behavior in gnome?

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I'm guessing you're using something like KeyTouch? It looks like you want combine it with xmacro. I don't have it installed on a handy system, but I think you want a script something like

sleep .07
echo KeyStrPress Control_R KeyStrPress c KeyStrRelease c KeyStrRelease Control_R | xmacroplay "$DISPLAY"

and call that script in your 'command' text box.

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