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Is there a way to see the total size of the page you are currently viewing in Firefox, or a plugin that supports this? I want to know the size of the images downloaded seperate from the size of the html?

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One way is to go to tools->pageinfo. There, you'll be able tio find various data about the page including size of the page, individual files that make up the page and their sizes, site permissions and security data which the site provides.

Here's how it looks: page statistics window

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WebDeveloper - Information - View document size - will show real sizes splitted by types Page info just lie and tell about html only Example output for my blog

Document Size - http://www.lazybadger.net/
    Documents (16 files)    144 KB (128 KB uncompressed)
    Images (16 files)   114 KB
    Objects (0 files)   
    Scripts (3 files)   26 KB
    Style Sheets (2 files)  33 KB
    Total   316 KB (301 KB uncompressed)

File info responded with Size 133,71 KB (136923 bytes)

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