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I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid on an Alienware m15x laptop with the proprietary nVidia drivers. GNOME, Compiz, etc.

First, I have two computers, an Alienware m15x laptop (which is my primary computer) and an old desktop computer.

Here's the situation. My Alienware m15x only has 1 display port. I'm using that to connect to an external HD monitor. I would like to use yet another external monitor.

My desktop computer has 2 display ports, 1 for VGA and 1 for DVI. It is currently also connected to my external HD monitor with a VGA cable.

I was wondering if I could use another monitor, plug that into my desktop, and then make it emulate another desktop for my laptop over my local network.

Is this possible? I don't mind doing some dirty X11 hack to get it to work if anything like it is. I also thought about the possibility of sending a Compiz virtual workspace to it.

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Here is a blog entry describing a Xdmx setup: Xdmx is included in ubuntu!

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A friend in IRC linked me to a video that shows how to use a program called Xdmx to do basically just what I want. The video can be found here:

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