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I have windows 7 Pro x64 I have put it on hibernate and since that time it freezes when I log, it works in Safe mode but from time to time the CPU usage goes very high then goes back to normal
I tried Startup Repair but it didn't detect and problem.

I have disabled many startup Apps and some services (Which they are not related to system) but the same problem continued

Any one knows what is the problem

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Also, I might recommend going into safe mode and running a virus scan, I like "Hitman Pro" for it's quickness. "Malwarebytes" for it's thoroughness and for the tough cases "Combo Fix" just make sure you read EVERY prompt in combo fix because it CAN do damage (hasn't happened to me yet, but i've heard horror stories). Hitman Pro is a web-based A/V with a free 30 day trial, therefore, for it to work you must be connected to the internet.

EDIT: It also might be helpful to know if anything has changed since the last good boot. Software/Hardware etc.

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Disable all startup items and Non Microsoft Services in msconfig, then reboot, does it still freeze?

See my Clean Boot troubleshooting post

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