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Is there a way to create empty floppy disk images, which I can use with VirtualBox?

The client is Windows XP.

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fallocate -l 1474560 myimage.vfd

Linux & other Unix-like systems:

head -c 1474560 /dev/zero > myimage.vfd


fsutil file createnew myimage.vfd 1474560

You'll have an empty "1.44 MB" image. Attach it to VirtualBox and format through "My Computer" in the guest.

If you want to format the image on the host system or to copy files into it, use mkfs.vfat + mount -o loop on Linux, and VFD on Windows. Note that official build of VFD "works only on 32 bit systems" as of version 2.1, but there are alternative builds available.


mkfs.vfat myimage.vfd
sudo mount -o loop myimage.vfd /mnt
sudo umount /mnt


vfd open 0: myimage.vfd
vfd format 0:
vfd close 0:

Windows, create, format and mount in one command:

vfd open 0: myimage.vfd /new /1.44
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fsutil file createnew myimage.vfd 1474560 did the trick –  bernd_k Oct 3 '11 at 11:52

With Linux it is very easy to create an empty floppy image with 'dd'.

The thread How to create a floppy image? in the VirtualBox forum contains a downloadable empty floppy image for you.

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