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I'm attempting to write a script for use with HandbrakeCli to convert .mkv-files to XBOX 360 compatible mp4-files.

for f in "$@"
    echo "$f"
    HandbrakeCli -i "$f" -o ~/Movies/Handbrake/"${f%.*}.mp4" --preset "Normal" --mixdown "stereo" --subtitle "1" --width 720 --keep-display-aspect

The problem is that the destination filename (according to output from HandbrakeCli) includes the full path to the input file. Naturally I'm only interested in the filename without extension since I add .mp4.

I'm not used to shell scripting so help is very much appreciated!

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Also see this discussion of this question on stackoverflow:… – guenter Oct 3 '11 at 11:11
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First remove the path:


Then change the extension:


(Not necessarily in that order, of course.)

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Since you know the extension of your input file, you can say

new=~/Movies/Handbrake/"$(basename "$f" .mkv)".mp4
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