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Possible Duplicate:
Copy Image Out Of Microsoft Word

Someone sent me a doc file with a picture in it. Probably it is a png.

I want to save the picture in order to paste it to other apps. I need it to act like a PNG, meaning that the background is transparent.

Can I excport the picture from Word? Can I make an image using print screan and make the white background transparent?

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Is this an old (Office2003) .doc file or an (Office2007+) .docx file? If it is ther later then there is an even better way to get to the image file... – Mokubai Oct 3 '11 at 17:32
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If you own PowerPoint:

  • mark the picture in word and hit ctrl-c to copy it into the clipboard
  • open powerpoint and insert the picture there with ctrl-v
  • right-click the picture and select "save as picture

another solution without powerpoint is to save the word file as web page (*.html), see here:

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If it is a Word2007 or 2010 file, you can access the images directly:

  1. Using a copy of the document (so you don't accidentally screw up the original), change the .docx extension to .zip
  2. Using Windows Explorer or your favorite compression application, explore the zip file contents
  3. The images will be in a subfolder, image2.png, etc.
  4. Copy-paste that image to wherever you want.

This also works with PowerPoint and Excel.

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