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I use evernote, which uses the hotkey ctrl + alt + t to open a specific window to tag notes.

At some point in time, Windows 7 stole that combination to open a system dialog "Tools for the active window". It might have been when I installed a second monitor, but I am not sure.

enter image description here

Can I reset the hotkey to work with Evernote again instead of opening up the "Tools" dialog?


with guenter's help, I figured out that WinSplit Revolution, a window location utility, was overiding the hotkey. In the options dialog of WinSplit I disabled the combination and regained control of Evernote's window with it.

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It looks like you have installed a tool that display this dialog, it is not a standard windows dialog, as far as i know. You should try to identify that tool and check if there is the possibility to change the hotkey in that tool.

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Thanks for the direction. I checked WinSplit Revolution by exiting the process and trying the hotkey with Evernote. Sure enough, it worked. WinSplit does allow disable/enabling it's hotkeys through it's options dialog. done and done. Thanks for the info. – kevtrout Oct 3 '11 at 13:44

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