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What OCR programs and resources are available to scan Hebrew/Yiddish text?

One program per answer please, and please include the following:

  • Price
  • Link to download or purchase site
  • Does it work with Hebrew and English text on the same page?
  • Can it handle trop and vowel signs?
  • How accurate is it?
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This question came from our site for those who base their lives on Jewish law and tradition and anyone interested in learning more.

I think ABBYY FineReader is the leading product in this category, though I don't know more details about it. There are also other programs, such as Ligature and readIRIS. There's some free programs too such as qhocr. You can check the details of these programs and try their free downloads. Otherwise, I would assume Bar-Ilan, HebrewBooks and Otzar haChochma would know more about this.

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Google Drive has OCR functionality in a number of languages. It's free, but it won't do more than a ten page document.

While you can't do two languages at once you can upload a multilingual document twice, scanning it in each language in turn and then try piece it back together again. I downloaded each scanned document in Word format and used Word to view them side by side with simultaneous scrolling.

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