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What I have:

I have a document that requires three things:

  1. Description of Non-Compliance
  2. Disposition
  3. Remedial Action Taken.

… as well as Several signatures and dates. The document is set up currently with linked text boxes.

For example:

When I start typing in the "Description of Non-Compliance" text box, when it reaches the end of the text box, it automatically continues on Page 2 which is "Non compliance Supplemental" page.

The same goes for "Disposition". It goes to page three which is the "Disposition Supplemental" page, and the same for "Remedial" action: It goes to page 4 which is the "Remedial Action Supplemental" page.

The problem is:

When I issue this document, they often mess up the document because they don't use Word that often and are not familiar with it. I would like to protect the document and use the "fill in forms" mode. So whoever uses the document in "fill in forms" mode can't type in the text boxes.

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how about an image instead of a textbox? – barlop Oct 5 '11 at 0:20

I think Word is the wrong tool for this job.

Consider using a PDF file that contains a form. You can even get a PDF form to lock itself and email itself once completed by the user, providing a level of non-repudiation.

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