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This is redhat enterprise. I can't seem to install wmctrl (sudo yum search can't find it; about to get all source dependencies to compile).

I can go from 1->2->3 and 3->2->1, but I'd like to be able to go 1->2->3->1->2->3

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You can rebuild the Fedora wmctrl SRPM to work on RHEL.

First, download the SRPM. Then, run this command as root to obtain all build dependencies:

yum-builddep wmctrl-1.07-8.fc15.src.rpm

Then, run this command (as a normal user, not root) to rebuild the RPM:

rpmbuild --rebuild wmctrl-1.07-8.fc15.src.rpm

That will drop an RPM file in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/<arch> you can install as you normally would (through PackageKit or rpm -ivh).

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