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The on screen Keyboard is nice but the layout of certain keys (curly braces, parens, angle brackets in particular) are very different from a normal keyboard.

In may cases, this isn't an issue as they aren't used that often. However, in Visual Studio I really need those keys often, and it is making it very hard to work as well as I was when using the Windows 7 On Screen Keyboard.

So am looking for a way to change the Keyboard in some fashion. The settings that would do it in Windows 7 are not there.

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You can enable the standard keyboard layout by accessing charms, by swiping from the right edge. Go to settings, then more PC settings. Go to general and scroll down. There will be an option to enable the standard keyboard layout. It will then be available among the other keyboard types.

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That was added in the customer preview. –  Rangoric May 31 '12 at 13:21

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