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At the moment I'm sitting on a windows box on a public network. The network uses a very strict firewall policy (I can't f.ex. use google feeds).

However I do have an debian box which I can ssh into. This works great. So I have now set up my windows box so that it uses socks through ssh (putty). This works sometimes, and sometimes it don't!

I think it works if; I have connected and used socks on my local home network, then I go into sleep mode, and then it continue to work on public networks.

It doesn't work if I haven't already used socks at least once after the last restart. I can however connect and disconnect as many times I want to the server, and socks will continue to work as long as I'm connected as long as I already have used socks once. Why is that?

Or more importantly, how do I manage to use socks without already having used it once?

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Could you explain "doesn't work" in more detail? Like, what actually happens when it doesn't work: can't connect to SSH? can't connect to SOCKS port? connection refused? connection reset? timeout? computer explodes? Also, is there anything interesting in PuTTY's event log? – grawity Oct 5 '11 at 11:36
Can't load any websites by Chrome. – Knarf Oct 24 '11 at 8:47

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