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I know there are bunch of clipboard managers. But I am looking for a feature in them. I want to paste (by using a different shortcut) without the formats. Because when I want to get rid of the format I always paste the text to notepad and then cut it again and use it in another place...

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Press Cmd-Opt-Shift-V in pretty much any OS X application for Paste and Match Style, i.e. paste without keeping formatting. – Daniel Beck Oct 25 '11 at 18:54
Using autohotkey, you could do that and even unwrap the the text.… – Guillaume Combot Jan 13 at 18:47

Ditto will do this for you. The Ctrl+` hotkey will bring up the list of recently copied items, and Shift-Enter will past the selected item without any formatting.

There's also a hotkey option to do a text-only paste of whatever you've copied most recently. It's set to None by default, you can rebind it.

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I use this one, and really like it:

It creates a hot-key that pastes without formatting.

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In many Microsoft applications you can use CTRL + ALT + v to open the "paste special" windows which allows you to choose to paste without formatting.

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