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When I paste text into an email in Outlook, the following prompt hovers near the text:

enter image description here

Based on the hint, instead of clicking on the button with the mouse, it looks like I should be able to press Ctrl+T. But if I do that, it indents the paragraph.

So what key combination will keep the text only?


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Another option is Alt-H-V-T (i.e., keeping Alt pressed until after you press T).


With show paste options disabled you can press Menu, Ctrl, t, Enter.

The "Menu" key gives the right-click menu. It's between Alt and Ctrl, to the right of space on my keyboard.

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I figured it out. It isn't Ctrl+T, it is Ctrl, T (as in press and release Ctrl, then press T).

So the pattern to paste as text only is: Ctrl+V, Ctrl, T.


I am not sure whether this is the answer you are looking for. I have disabled the show paste options ( options --> Mail --> uncheck show paste options when content is pasted into a message) Just using Ctrl+V to paste


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