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Now that I can connect a USB devices to Ubuntu on VMware Player on Win 7, I tried to use my Altera FPGA dev board. This board contains a FTDI bridge allowing it to connect to the PC via a USB port. Once the cable is connected, I see the Altera USB device icon active on the VMware device list.

From the Ubuntu terminal I run some configuration steps to mound the device, etc. Then I try to start the gdb debugger server (which runs the executable on the target DSP hardware). I then get the following message:

Initializing FTDI USB Controller...
Open and Initialize USB Port...
ftdi_usb_get_strings failed: -7 (error sending control message: Connection timed out)
Can't open or initialize usb deviceCan't init USB device, check cable connection Bailing out!

(Cable connection is OK)

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