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I've just installed lighttpd on Mac OS 10.6, but:

$ lighttpd -f lighttpd.conf -D
2011-10-05 19:01:32: (network.c.358) can't bind to port:  80 Permission denied 
$ lsof -i :80
[a ton of processes]

How can I start lighttpd on a different port?

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comment doesn't accept formatting, I'm cutting and attaching as answer for the sake of readability – anddam Mar 2 '12 at 7:33
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2 options:

  1. put something like this into your lighttpd.conf:

    server.port = 8000
  2. launch lighttpd with admin-rights via sudo:

    $> sudo lighttpd -f lighttpd.conf -D

Also read the lighthttpd configuration tutorial.

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You've already been answered about how to set a specific port but there are still two points to be highlighted in your question:

  1. as regular user you cannot bind TCP/IP ports below 1024, a common threshold for system services, hence the permission denied error
  2. the ton of processes come from listing your user's outgoing connection (probably web browsing); filter listening and privileged port instead:

    sudo lsof -i :80 | grep LISTEN

The first point may eliminate the need to change default port, since it seems you wanted to change it in order to avoid the permission error.

On OS X ensure system's httpd is off when trying to start your own webserver, it's set with System Preferences -> Sharing -> Web Sharing checkbutton.

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