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I'm trying to generate a report by using a Ruby script to parse an XML document. I'm pulling link text and the actual URL and I'd like to be able to format those in a way that I could simply copy/paste the results into Pages/Numbers and have the hyperlink with correct link text immediately set. Is there a way to do this?

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echo -En '<a href="">tco</a><br><a href="">gco</a>' | textutil -format html -convert rtf -stdin -stdout | pbcopy -Prefer rtf

The output will always include styles. For some reason pbcopy -Prefer rtf doesn't include a plain text version on the clipboard so you won't be able to paste anything in plain text views.

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If you want to copy / paste a link with a descriptive text different from the URL into Pages, the OS X pasteboard needs to contain an URL object (not plain text or HTML). In Ruby, you can create such a URL pasteboard object using the pasteboard gem (gem install pasteboard) and the following code:

require 'pasteboard'
pasteboard =
pasteboard.put_url '<link URL>', '<link text>'

See the gem documentation, where I lifted this example wholesale.

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