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In Internet Explorer, there is a very good option while trying to download something: Run (it comes before Save).

With this option the file (i.e an installer file) will be downloaded to Temporary Internet Files and instantly runs after it's finished downloading. Then, the installation process begins.

After the installation, the installer source file will be deleted (I think so), since in many cases we don't need it anymore.

In other browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, this option doesn't exist. Is there any way to enable it?

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If you still need this in Chrome you can express your wish about the missing feature on this issue: and star it to get updates – Costin Gușă Jan 11 '15 at 3:32

This may be useful for Firefox. And I've heard that for Chrome it's still impossible: Directly Run Downloads Without Saving Them In Firefox

Unfortunately, it really doesn't work.

I've tried this one and it added a Run button to my Firefox 7:


OpenDownload² inserts a "Run" button into the "Open File" dialog when downloading files. Clicking the button saves the particular file in your temporary directory and opens it with the assigned application or (for .exe files) runs the application from there.

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Thanks. Seems the Add-on mentioned in the link, became unavailable for some reason: "This add-on has been disabled by an administrator." – DummyBeginner Oct 5 '11 at 22:55

You'll need to use an add-on to get this in FF or Chrome. Something like OpenDownload for FF. I don't know of one for Chrome, although there is an open feature request to add it.

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Thanks. Although there is no official way to add open option to a download situation on chrome, I've found this concept as a personal work: – DummyBeginner Oct 7 '11 at 22:42

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